Filming in the Crypt

Josh 4

The heavy steel harmonograph sculpture on which I have been working for more than a year is finally finished and working, and it is time to give it the debut it deserves! It has been the fruit of some inspiring influences and some very supportive collaborations (see my earlier posts categorized under Harmonograph), and the spirit of collaboration continues in engineering its launch.

I have been building a new website – Anita Chowdry   Visual Artist – which is dedicated to presenting my creative projects, where this kinetic sculpture can be see in action in a beautiful video created by artist Josh Jones. It now has a name – The Iron Genie – you can watch the video by clicking on the name.

In the film, the Iron Genie was demonstrated by a gifted young student called Julia. I was delighted by her involvement, because the sculpture was conceived to invite interaction. Onlookers can watch the progress of the drawings in the brass bezelled palladium mirror that sits at the very top of the structure.

Josh 3

Josh 2We all helped to carry the Iron Genie to the crypt and set it up – it is constructed in component pieces that are bolted together on site, so transporting it is not as difficult as it looks. We set it up, and Josh Jones took over the direction and filming for the rest of the day. It was a fascinating insight into the way he works, and I had the opportunity to take these lovely pictures.

I love the finished film, beautifully edited and choreographed, with the Iron Genie looking rather steampunk and definitely sentient as it dances to music by Carl Orff.

So I would like to extend a Big Thankyou to Josh Jones for this beautiful video, and to Julia for animating it – and in general to all the artists, craftsmen and  friends who have contributed a big dose of support and good will to this project.

Enjoy the video in HD here.