Meditations on the Mandelbrot Set

I am posting this drawing, which I did a while ago, in response to John Baez’s recent post “Rolling Circles”  on his Azimuth blog:

I really enjoyed reading the discussion, the diagrams, and Vi Hart’s inspired video.

In the comments, there is a small discussion between Mike Stay and John Baez about one famous Cardioid – the Mandelbrot set. Which reminds me of my explorations of different ways of drawing the Mandelbrot set, which I use as a metaphor for other worldliness in my work.

Meditations on the Mandelbrot Set
Copyright Anita Chowdry

This drawing is about a free association of thoughts – a caustic creating a cardioid (as demonstrated on John Baez’s post) , then used to draw a free-style Mandelbrot set on a squared surface, which is then projected to a Renaissance-style single-point perspective drawing, upon which I imposed a landscape (pure flight of fantasy!)

The featured image is another play with ideas – hoping that none of this outrages any real mathematicians out there!

And here is the featured image to view in more detail (please do not use without permission) You can also see my work on the cover of “Applications of Automata Theory and Algebra” by John Rhodes, edited by Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, World Scientific 2010.

Here Be Dragons
Copyright Anita Chowdry